Testing and Evaluation

Anagram Research has conducted evaluation research studies for several Indian and global tech companies. Our research has helped our clients improve their product user experience and usability or helped them ensure that their products and services reflect user expectations and mental models.

Selected examples of evaluation research projects that we have been involved in, have been featured here:

  • A leading Indian mass media company partnered with Anagram Research in 2017 to conduct a foundational research study.

    Insights from this study were one of the key inputs towards informing a ‘Mobile First’ strategy for the different news brands owned by this company.
    This research also helped to shape the redesign of the umbrella brand’s business newspaper for digital media.

    In 2018, Anagram Research engaged for the second time to test a high-fidelity prototype of the business newspaper.
    The objective of this research was to identify all concept, experience and usability issues prior to going live.

    Like many of our evaluation research studies, this study was conducted at professional research facilities.
    A one-way mirror, video and audio setup enabled our client to comfortably observe participants as well as view usage of the mobile prototype being evaluated.
    Encouraging the extended team to observe the research helped evangelize user centered design within the organization.

    Anagram Research used techniques like free exploration, talk-out-loud and scenario-based tasks to gain in-depth and accurate user feedback.

    This user centered and iterative approach to design helped to ensure that the redesigned digital newspaper reflected key user needs and expectations, as well as afforded a usable and easy-to-use news reading experience.

    The redesign launched in 2019 as a mobile app, unseated its long-time competitor and recorded 33 million visits by the end of 2019.

  • While a professional research facility is a suitable and convenient environment for some evaluation research studies, being in the product’s context-of-use is important in others.

    Peel Technologies is the startup behind the Peel app – Which turns a smart phone or tablet into a smart TV remote.

    The product team at Peel wanted to gain a better understanding about how users in India consume digital content.
    In addition, they wanted to evaluate the user experience on the Peel app and get user feedback on some new concept prototypes.

    To meet these objectives, Anagram Research conducted seventeen, 120-minute in-context interactions with users in Delhi, Hyderabad and Mysore.

    Like Peel, many of our clients derive greater value from a hybrid research approach – Where in addition to evaluation research which is largely improvement oriented, the time spent with users is also utilized for broader generative research which can lead to innovation.

    In this instance, conducting the research in-context was also invaluable – resulting in several strategic insights that would not have surfaced if the study had been conducted at a research facility.

 During the research it felt as if Devika was just as invested in the success of our app and product as we, the ones who had spent years building it, were.
Because of this, even a year later, we all still treat several of the insights that came out of our India research as cornerstones upon which we feel secure building our product direction for the future.

James Dellinger
(Former client at Peel Technologies)

Evaluation research is a key component of the iterative design process.

Over the years, Anagram Research has facilitated research across all stages of product development – From concept and prototype testing to the evaluation of live apps and websites.
In addition to in-context and lab settings, Anagram Research has experience conducting evaluation research with remote participants.