Anagram Research is a full-service, design research + usability consultancy.

Through our consulting practice – We help clients create innovative, easy to use products and services that are based on user insights, design principles and usability best practices.

Our customized training and workshops – Empower client teams to start running their own research and usability studies.

Our research insights have been used to improve existing customer experiences and to inspire new ideas and innovation.

Anagram Research uses a broad range of design research and usability approaches and tools that can be used prior to, or during different stages of the design process.

While these research and usability methods are globally recognized and practiced, we often tweak the original methods to come up with out-of-the-box methods that best suit individual customer requirements or are localized to the cultural context.

Research Projects

Anagram Research coordinates and runs design research and usability projects in India and around the globe.

We can manage all your research requirements – from initial planning, participant recruitment and conducting the research to analyzing and sharing insights through a workshop or an interactive presentation.

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Research Collaboration

We can be your India based research partner on cross country or India specific research projects.
We have successfully collaborated with global design and research consultancies, as well as with Insights or Design teams within companies.

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Anagram Research conducts design research and usability workshops for academic institutes as well as corporates.
Past workshop duration's have ranged from 3 days to 2 weeks.

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Capability Building

Anagram gets you 'research ready.'
Our team mentoring and training programs are aimed at enabling your in-house team to build their design research and usability testing capability.

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Design Personas

Understanding the needs, behaviors, experiences and goals of the next billion job seekers in India
March - April 2020

#In-Context Research #Defining User Needs #Future Scenarios #Brainstorming Cards

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Applied Ethnography

Strategic insights around enabling a better future for medium – smallholding Indian farmers
October - November 2019

#In-Context Research #Exploratory Research #Problem Space #Strategic Insights #Research Based Guidelines

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Remote Research

A glimpse into Anagram Research's approaches and experiences with remote research

#Longitudinal Research #Direct Interviews

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Testing and Evaluation

Improving user experience and usability; ensuring that products and services reflect user expectations and mental models.

#Usability #User Experience #Iterative Design #Solution Space

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Established in 2011, Anagram Research is located in Bangalore, India.

We are experienced design and research professionals who come together as relevant and dynamic teams to meet unique customer research needs.

Devika Ganapathy is the founder and a principal researcher at Anagram Research.


Founders thoughts around naming a design research company
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If you have a design research or usability requirement – Reach out!
You don’t need to have it all figured out before you contact us. We are happy to talk to you to understand your business objectives and make recommendations.

If you are interested in exploring a possible collaboration with Anagram Research – We’d be glad to hear from you!
We are always interested in talking to other research and design teams who are passionate about research and for whom work quality is a priority.

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