Research Collaboration

In addition to our direct consulting practice, we also collaborate and support other research teams in multiple ways:

Bandwidth, Expertise
We partner with design or research consultancies, or with Insights teams within large organizations, in instances where the in-house team does not have the bandwidth or expertise to handle a large or complex research project.

Local Research Partner
We partner with global research and strategy consultancies to ensure research relevence in an India specific cultural context. In past collaborations, we have supported global teams conducting research in India or entirely managed and run research in India during multi-country studies.
We can also provide support on global research projects at a competitive cost.

Cultural Immersions
Cultural immersions allow global researchers unfamiliar with India, to gain a deeper understanding about the local context and people. We design unique immersive experiences, that are based on specific research objectives or interest areas and include opportunities to both observe and interact. Cultural immersions are guided by a local expert / researcher who will be able to discuss topics of interest and highlight cultural nuances.
Cultural immersions that we have facilitated in the past include:

  • Walks or visits to specific places of interest
  • Contextual and informal interactions with target users
  • Opportunities to participate in local / season specific activities of interest