Research Projects

We specialize in qualitative primary and secondary research, and our consulting approach has evolved over more than a decade.

Collaborative and structured planning, Flexible and iterative implementation
Structured and collaborative, we involve our clients from initial project planning, through the actual process of conducting a study and sharing the findings. We believe that the strength and relevance of research lies in clearly defined objectives, collaborative planning and a flexible research plan that assimilates stakeholder and consumer inputs.

Thought provoking and actionable insights and recommendations
We understand the correlation and overlaps between design and research. Our research insights and recommendations are thought provoking and actionable, geared towards inspiring design and providing design direction.

Customized and inspiring research approach and presentation
We strive to move beyond standard user research approaches and staid research documentation. We innovate and customize traditional research methods, to best meet each client’s individual research objectives and to suit the cultural context. Out-of-the-box and visual research tools are often used to encourage our research participants to share their thoughts and experiences more deeply. We frame our findings in a fresh and unique way, to make our research insights inspirational and engaging.

Multiple engagement models
We have in place different engagement models, to ensure that every customer’s unique requirement is met:

  • Fixed time projects
    This model works best for clients who have specific research requirements that they want completely taken care of by an external research partner. Fixed time projects typically range from 1 – 3 months. Anagram Research recommends a research approach, after understanding your unique business objectives and the stage of product development you are currently at. We keep in mind the context in which your product or service is intended to be used. At times we recommend a combination of different methods to best address your specific goals.
  • On-going consultation
    Anagram Research works with clients who need on-going feedback and recommendations on their product or service ease of use. We can collaborate with your in-house design and development teams or with your external design partners, to provide expert inputs and ensure compliance with global usability standards.
  • Project linked mentoring
    We can train your in-house team by mentoring and guiding them during a project. These ‘Learning Projects’ assure a high quality research deliverable as well as leave you with a team trained in the specific research methods employed during the project.

Curated, dynamic team
Our carefully curated network of researchers, local moderators, recruiters, facility-providers and research-support services enable us to meet the linguistic and geographic challenges of conducting pan-Indian primary research, without compromising work ethics or quality. We also partner with research agencies and freelance researchers around the globe, to conduct research studies outside India.